Tuesday, 11 January 2011

2011 First Post

The first post of a new year, and typically ages since the last one!! However maybe this time I have a better excuse than usual. Eight weeks ago I underwent the second stage of a MACI operation to rebuild my knee, this was done using cells taken out during the first stage op and grown in a lab to create an implant. It is the second time I have had this done, the last time was about 5 years ago. It has been a very slow healing process, eight weeks on I still have a full length leg brace on for much of the time and am still restricted to walking with crutches. However my pain levels are already below the pre-op ones and all the early indications are that the procedure has been successful once again.
Having had two general anaesthetics in 6 weeks and large doses of pain killers, much of the last eight weeks has been somewhat hazy!! I now have large amounts of college work to catch up with and need to get back into a serious work routine as quickly as possible.
It is now only 6 months till the end of my final year as a Student Minister, the next months are destined to be busy with college stuff and the end of year panic over deadlines. There is some other stuff going on as well - but I'll save that for a new post!!

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