Sunday, 15 March 2009

A brief reflection on the events of Friday

It has take a couple of days to think straight again, I really did feel on Friday that I had been put through a mangle and been wrung out - even at housegroup in the evening I wasn't really able to articulate my thoughts which is not like me at all!!
I suppose that because I had decided to give my absolute all to the interview, I laid my heart on the line for them - It was very personal and every question delved deeper into things that for most of us it is not usual to share with 15 relative strangers.
Most of the time in our lives people check out the outside of us - our appearance and maybe look slightly at who we are on the inside. The group I sat in front of on Friday did the opposite and might have noticed my outward appearance but spent a long time trying to find out who I am on the inside.
I was as honest as I could be, and was rewarded with a 1 for communication skills and a 2 over all, I have since Friday had the chance to talk it over with a dear friend, my husband and my Superintendent Minister and finally the pieces inside me that were jolted about are beginning to feel more settled again.
I now have six weeks to wait and recover before the final Interview's, good job I have three services and two essays to keep me occupied in the meantime.

Friday, 13 March 2009

One to go!

Well they said YES!! I feel a bit battered but all in all the day wasn't too bad. So now only MCSC to go - final interview on the last week of April.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

District Committe Interview

Well this is it, tomorrow is the District interview - the next step in the candidating process.
 I still feel very calm about the whole thing, which in itself feels very strange for something of such great importance to my future.
I have been focusing hard all week on the words of a wise friend, who wrote me a note saying " Have a peaceful and contented week God is in charge and all will be well"
So I am going to the interview with the confidence of one seeking only to do God's will, WHATEVER that may be.
My tutor prayed on Tuesday that I would know God's peace, that peace which passes all understanding, so maybe the way I am feeling is more than just unexplained calm. Maybe it is peace knowing  indeed that God is in charge and all will be well.

Friday, 6 March 2009

This week

Well it's now down to the final week before the district interview next Friday. I am completely surprised about how calm I feel.
However I think one of the reasons for the seeming composure may be the service at Haywards Heath on Sunday which is taking all my nervous energy - I've been asked to speak about Pioneer Ministry as it's 'Mission in Britain' Sunday, so no real problems there just normal preaching angst.
Maybe on Monday, when that's over, some nerves will set it- but on the whole there is very little I can do other than be myself on Friday, and trust that God has the whole thing in hand.
I have kept up the faithbooking. I've been trying to do something everyday during Lent but have been increasingly surprised at how tiring it is, even for someone like me who finds it really easy to think in pictures.
I think after Easter my aim will be to get a larger album poss A4 and try for one page a week - because I think it's important for me to try and set attainable goals for myself, that way I won't give myself too hard a time if it doesn't go according to plan.
Also during Lent this year I decided to try and stop running around like a headless chicken and concentrate on doing fewer things, and doing them better - more being, less doing. This seems to be going ok - I am definately aware that life is going one pace slower than usual (however to anyone watching it may not seem that way !!)