Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas is over and candidating is upon us!!

I had such a wonderful Christmas with my family. Loads of laughs - during the games "It's a name, can be used for a boy or girl, four letters. Starts with A."  Answer - Adam.  This led to so many spin off jokes about my cousins first born girl being forever known as Adam. the fun will stay with me for a long time as will the look on my young cousins face when he realised how much mileage he will get when the first of my children produces offspring and he can call me Grandma.
So with the fun behind me, now work begins again. I was reminded of this yesterday, with an email from the District Secretary saying that the District interviews are on March the 13th.
There are two 2,000 word pieces of work due in on the 13th of January so that will keep me occupied for the next few days!! Then I have a meeting with my Superintendent minister to make sure we have the right number of copies of each part of the candidating paperwork going to the right places. Then I just have to sit and wait for the date of the Psychiatrist's appointment. Still, one little light at the end of the tunne, there are only five months till the 7th of May and then it will all be over and I will know the results.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

It is Done!!

So that's it, the paperwork is complete I have a friend coming round just to check it all makes sense and then I can lay it to one side. Just in time, now I can go and say goodbye to Jim, watch Jen get Ordained and have a fab Christmas with my family without worrying about Candidating and January's deadlines.

The Final Answer!

ii.   In respect of the contrasting ministry.  a. Explain Which aspect of the ministry most interested you and why?  (150 words approx).

The Methodist Deaconate appeals a great deal to my pioneering instincts. Often it seems within their roles that Deacons have the ability to be freer from church maintenance responsibilities.  I like the idea of being less restrained by the everyday details of running a church, and being able to work more in the community. But what interests me most about being a Deacon is my understanding that their role is about enabling others. Deacons are often involved with pioneering community projects, working alongside people and helping them to discover God, and where He is already working in their lives and community. Deacons work in a world that is a curious mix of being outside the church walls, yet still firmly within them, they are a bridge between church and community, which is a place I often feel strangely drawn to.

b. Which aspect of the ministry most challenged you and tested your sense of call.  (150 words approx).

The conference report what is a Deacon says that servant ministry clearly reflects the Servant Christ whose mission involved crossing boundaries, making connections between alienated or fragmented groups, including those beyond the margins, overturning unjust structures, standing in solidarity with the vulnerable and helping them discover their own voice. These words will stick with me a long time, in-fact it was this statement that challenged me most. It not only challenged my feelings about the Deaconate during the discernment process, but challenged the core of my calling as a Christian. It made me determined to remember whatever the future holds, that all Christians lay and ordained are called to a servant ministry. Something we all need reminding of.

c. Which aspect(s) of the ministry confirmed your sense that this was not your particular calling?  (150 words approx).

As I have already said being a Deacon appeals to me. It was very hard for me to make the decision that this was not my particular calling. Over my foundation training I have struggled not only with the Deacon or Presbyter question that many other candidates face, but also whether I need to be ordained at all to do what God is calling me to do – which I believe is to some sort of Pioneer ministry.

It was a comment during my Deaconate placement which confirmed to me my call to Presbyteral ministry, someone said that in their opinion “Pioneer ministry was about setting up sacramental fellowships, rather than community projects” It was exactly the words I had been looking for to express what it is, that I feel that God is calling me to do and more importantly why I am unable to do that as a Deacon or Lay Worker

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Answers to the second question

2.Reflecting upon your observation of two distinctive ministries (either observed ministry may have been a collaborative one, i.e. the work of a team, or that of an individual),  

i.In respect of the order of ministry for which you are a candidate. 


a.Which aspect of the ministry most interested you and why?  (150 words approx).

Presbyters get to meet many people at very different stages of their faith journeys and life journeys, and can enable those people they meet and encourage them to use their gifts helping them to grow in discipleship.

          It’s not the same job each week, infact every day is different and can be filled with a huge variety of things that need doing, different challenges and different ways of working. Underneath it all though there is a definite rhythm, and it is working within that rhythm that interests me most. The rhythm of God’s world, the Seasons and liturgical calendar, and how to combine those rhythms with the rhythm of life – Birth, Infancy, Baptism, Childhood, adolescence, Confirmation, young adulthood, Communion, adulthood, Marriage, old age and Death.

2.i.b Which aspect of the ministry most challenged you and tested you sense of call?(150 words)

Church Council, and other meetings would probably one of my biggest dreads of becoming a presbyter. I find the business side of church difficult, especially when people become preoccupied with detail of things that will never advance God’s Kingdom here on earth. During my foundation training I have been working on how I will cope when teaspoon counting becomes the church’s priority, not mission. This is when I feel least called to be a presbyter I discussed my worries both during my Presbyteral placement and with other Ministers on different placements who assured me that church meetings would end up being different from others I have attended because church council runs from the lead of the minister. I felt slightly better, having now witnessed many other meetings on placements run by different people and seen what a huge difference that can make but I know this is an area that I will need to work on

2.i.c .which aspects of the ministry confirmed your sense of call to it

During my Presbyteral placement, I was privileged to be able to share time with three different Presbyters doing different jobs in very different areas. It was very busy and I quickly got caught up in the buzz and excitement of the everyday, ever changing job. Fortunately I was also able to spend time quietly talking and reflecting with each of them about their jobs their calling and the changing role of Presbyteral ministers in a changing world. During my three placements I attended six communion services, one wedding, one baptism and one funeral, I even attended a deacons meeting at which communion was shared. Was this a coincidence? Or was it what I believe, a gentle but much needed nudge from God that it is the role of a Pioneer Presbyter that He is calling me. 

Catch up if you can!

The paperwork is taking lots of my thought at the moment and so my blogging has been sparse, I have now finished two thirds of the nine parts of the form - only 3 more 150 word answers to go.
On Saturday I had a two hour tutorial with Hillary so he can complete the C4 which is the report from the training institution and I am much happier with that now than I was with the first 
draft. My Superintendent has finished the Ctp1 and C3B form which are about what training I will require if I am accepted and what restrictions there will need to be on that training and stationing (there are at least four restrictions I can think of!!). So everything seems to be on track - I just need to finish the C2ft and the Circuit leadership team are working on the C3 which is their report on what I do and have done in the circuit and their reasons for supporting my candidating.
Now all these forms need to be sent off to arrive on the 15th of January however they don't all need to go to the same place and some of them need more than one copy (not always to the same place as the other copies!) So Chris and I are going to sit quietly on the first week of January to make sure every piece of paper has the right amount of copies and is sent to the correct place - after all we don't want to be turned down on a technicality now, do we?

Friday, 28 November 2008


So it came and it went, and actually I slipped easily into the next decade. It was completely painless. Yesterday I had a quiet day with just the family, today a chocolate fondue party in aid of "Stop the Traffik", tomorrow dinner with friends and family and Sunday Handel's Messiah. I am a very lucky woman and planning to enjoy each part immensely!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Question 1

Q1 Why choose Methodism? Answer by selecting two characteristics (or common practices) of the Methodist church that are significant to Methodist identity and that form the basis for your choice of Methodism as your denomination.(400-500 words approx.)

It was difficult to try and just find two reasons for choosing Methodism, as there are many, but after many hours of thinking and reflection I think these two are the most important.

I have always believed that church should be a community that does not judge a person by how they look, sound or by what they believe, by their race, sex, age, sexuality or indeed for any other reason and for me Methodism is a denomination that truly tries to do this, recognizing that we are all in need of God’s grace.

“Methodists have always been clear that no-one is beyond the reach of God's love. Salvation is there for everyone who turns to God, and not just for a chosen few.” (Quote from Methodist Website)

This quote is the number one reason why I am a Methodist. I am a mother of four and have taught my children throughout their lives, that all human beings are equal, They live in 21st century Britain they have friends and family who are of different faiths and no faith, black, white, homosexual I would not be able to answer their questions truthfully, if my church did not reflect what I had told them, it would compromise my faith and my beliefs.

I don’t believe that God discriminates about who needs to be shown his love, I don’t want my children to and I don’t believe that my church should either.

One of the other things, which attract me to Methodism, is the teaching of the Methodist Quadrilateral.

Methodists traditionally use a fourfold approach to learn about our Christian faith and apply it to contemporary issues and to our Christian practice: we are taught to reflect using scripture, reason, tradition and the experience of God in our lives.

As I have been studying pioneer ministry many of the issues I have faced do not have answers that can directly be found in the Bible and using the Quadrilateral has been very useful.

I believe that if we are to move Methodism successfully into the 21st century there will be many more questions that society will expect us to answer and I think the quadrilateral is a good way of making sure that in every new decisions we make, every new fellowship that is started and every answer that we give, we hold true to scripture and tradition but use reason and our experiences of God, to show the world God’s way for our times and our place and also for the generations to come.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

A quick catch up.

Seems ages since I last had time to write on here, since I've been at the sanctuary I have been busy, I did keep up the writing on the train though and the only reason the next two parts of the candidating answers are not posted yet(5 down, 4 to go - over the halfway stage) is because they form two thirds of a whole question and I think it will be easier to understand if they are read together. At the moment I am struggling to say what I want for the last part in only 150 words!!!
I spoke at Sanctuary on Thursday - read the cycling with God story which seemed to go down well-  which bodes well with what I am planning for Space on the 18th of December as my assessed service for the SEITE assignment. 
Have final candidating assessed service tomorrow evening in Eastbourne which will be a big weight lifted, and I will be able to concentrate really hard on the birthday celebrations!! The weekend away was good, but tough going and emotional at times we had a lesson on domestic abuse which was a bit close to home! There were of course too many discussions about candidating - you would think we have no other life! and it has left me awake at two in the morning with the dreadful feeling-  what if they say no? Or worse still what if they say yes!?!

Monday, 3 November 2008

The Second Question.

Well actually  the second answer.

Q1b How should Methodism relate to other denominations? Answer by citing and reflecting upon your local Church's experience of ecumenical cooperation (400-500 words approx.)


I think that throughout its entire structure Methodism should be trying to co-operate with, work alongside and relate with love and understanding to other denominations. I believe this can be done without forfeiting Methodist identity or compromising what we believe to be important, and know deep within me that each one of us must prepare to be challenged or indeed changed by other people’s perspectives.

I believe Connexion should keep supporting ventures such as Hope 08 and Fresh Expressions and encouraging ecumenism, continuing to train students ecumenically can do this. My Foundation Training has in part been done at an Anglican college and I think that both the Foundation Trainees and the Anglican ordinands have been enriched by this experience. Many false ideas about each other’s denominations have been explored and the way has been paved for future ecumenical co-operation.

At local church level ecumenical co-operation often depends on circumstances such as the area the church is in and the people who are leading it. It is important that ecumenism in all communities is encouraged locally, at circuit, district and at connexion.

My Own Experience.

I live in Chyngton, a housing estate on the outskirts of Seaford. One Anglican and one Methodist church serve Chyngton and the relationship between them shows ecumenical co-operation working near its best.

Why so good?

After careful reflection I think the co-operation between churches on Chyngton estate is good because;

1.    It takes place in all levels of the church.

2.    There is recognition, that God has sent us to serve one community.

3.    There is a good use of shared resources.

 I would like to elaborate further on each point.

Co-operation on all levels.

Each church has a member on the other one’s church council; this keeps everyone well informed and able to demonstrate support. Practically this makes sure that details are taken care of, such as checking the Christmas Fairs don’t clash.

One community.

Due to the hard work of previous and present clergy, we hold joint services and Alpha courses, have ecumenical house-groups – for me this has meant I have had another church community following and praying about my current journey, which has led to a greater knowledge of Methodism especially confirmation, local preachers training and candidating.

We also hold an annual holiday club together and termly follow up sessions.

Shared resources is about more than borrowing tables

Our two churches have their own strengths and ecumenical co-operation needs to recognise that we will not always be the best at everything. Each church will lead and  support. Between us we have;

Talented songwriters and musicians, worship leaders, preachers, cooks tea makers and administrators. People who are gifted at working with children, teenagers,  and old people. Counsellors, pastoral carers and a bereavement counsellor. First aid and food hygiene trainers, Health and Safety specialists and much more.

To me it makes perfect sense for these resources to be shared as two churches move forward together to share God’s kingdom with our small corner of the world, and it makes perfect sense for Methodism to embrace this sharing and co-operation in every corner of the world.

Train Journeys

The last few weeks have seen me make far more train journeys than usual. Today for instance I was out of the house for 6 1/2 hours for a ninety minute meeting in London. Five hours of that then is travelling and four is spent sitting on a train. I have made a grand decision to make better use of my travelling times, today being the first day for this new resolution. So on the way up to London I answered another candidating question (and one of the big ones at that!) two down seven to go, and on the way home I tackled the first three chapters of Pete Ward's "Mass Culture" which is reading for the next module. I was quite astounded at how much I got done. However it is a bit like celebrating on the first of January that I have kept my New Years Resolutions, so lets see how it goes. Another journey beckons Thursday.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

New Term

The Mission and education work is done and posted 12 days before the deadline, my Aunts flat is painted, half term has been a time of great production, some rest and is now nearly over. Tomorrow is busy, the children are on parade in the morning, I have to go to a church council meeting after church and my friend Christine is being accredited as a local preacher in the afternoon. Next week sees the start of my first real pioneer module, I have a meeting with my tutor on Monday and with Jonathan  on Thursday to see what I have to do during my time at the Sanctuary, I have been up to visit 3 times now and am really excited about my time there, and especially about having the privilege of leading worship there in December.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Painting in silence

For two days  I have been painting my Aunts new bedsit in Eastbourne. It was a 
great way for me to be still and spend some quality time with God
 -My Mum has had the children, so I had no worries on that score, I had no radio, ipod or other noise distraction with me and nothing else to do except paint. It was a good time, I talked a lot of things over, just me and God - the uncertainty of my future, what needed to be done next, the beginings of the answers to the candidating questions. I don't think that for any of these things I am any nearer knowing the answers but I am definately happier, being real with God is good for the soul. taking time out from the everyday stuff we fill our lives with is a very refreshing process, so although I am tired from the painting I am somehow full of energy for what is to come.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Questions of training

A member of the connexional team came to talk at our weekend away about what training may look like next year for those who survive candidating.
Many of my questions were answered and many more were raised.
If I get through, I have to believe that the training panel will have my families best interests at heart and that God's hand will be over the whole process. 
Today during our quiet day I was blessed with a real sense of peace by a quote from a talk that Jesus gave about the flowers and the birds, which said simply this;
" Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself, each day has enough trouble of it's own."
It was not directly this which led to my great peace though, but the follow up reading in Margaret Silf's book "Wayfaring" which said
"Don't be afraid to throw all your human arguments at God, and to tell him how unrealistic you think asking you not to worry about tomorrow is"
My ultimate peace today came from being real with God, being honest about my struggles with the whole process of candidating, my fears of leaping into the unknown and uncertain and what difficulty I find in doing all that with faith but without worrying.
It's ok to be cross with God sometimes, he's big enough to take it.


On Thursday I went to The Sanctuary which describes itself as, a collective of young adults from around Central London, based in Westminster, who are exploring what a life given to following Jesus Christ means for today. We want to be known as people who live our lives centred upon Jesus Christ and his dream for creation. People who love life and live it to the full, always finding ways to contribute something good to our community and our world. This is where I am doing my next Pioneer placement, so till January this will be my new home for study, worship and in December for leading worship. I am very excited and know that I am really much better occupied with the hands on approach, than with a classroom and books.

Friday, 10 October 2008


Today(Friday) is seven years since my Dad died. I always think that the anniversary won't be that bad, that as the years pass it will hurt less, then every year I am amazed at how much pain this day causes. I have so much I want to share with him, especially at the moment when things are tough going, he was never judgemental and he had a way of accepting me for who I was that I have never found from anyone else.
Thank you for all the love and prayers I have received on this grotty day it is very much appreciated.
As another day dawns(for it is now very early Saturday), it occurs to me how right the song is "what a difference a day makes" today I am off to listen to one of my favourite speakers Rev David Dunn-Wilson at a training day for Methodist local preachers in the Sussex area, and it is also my eldest nephew's 2nd birthday so a much happier day all round.
As an offshoot to all that it seems that when we are having a bad time, if we are given lots love and support from friends and family and lots of prayers eventually the big black clouds will part and we will be able see the sunshine again. So to all my friends who are under a cloud right now hang in there, one day it WILL be sunny again. x 

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Assessed service number one

Today was the first of my assessed services which have to form part of my worship portfolio for candidating. As an accredited preacher already it was really strange having people assess my service again - last time was Aug last year. It was an All age Worship service at the Broadway United Church in Eastbourne, so I was able to be less formal than usual(which actually isn't very!!). I was surprised at how nervous I was being back on trial but the feedback was good and the congregation seemed happy. My housegroup decided on Friday that they would all pray for me at 5 to 10 this morning just before my service started and the power of corporate prayer really does work because I felt a real sense of peace even through all the nerves. Another box ticked, another hoop jumped through. Only fourteen weeks and four days till the paperwork is due in.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Connexional Pioneering Ministries Scheme

Today I re-read the ideas that were passed at conference about the Pioneers scheme within the Methodist Connexion. I am so glad I did,  because I realised just what a commitment to pioneer ministry the church are making and just how much I feel called to be part of what they are offering. The plan as I understand it is that over the next four years, five pioneer ministers a year will be recruited and formed into district clusters. Locations will be picked out that the church believes a fresh expression has a good chance of surviving in, pioneer ministers will be given a team of volunteers to help, support and work with them. Each pioneer will then be looking to set up some form of "church community" for young unchurched adults at their given location, as well as mentoring on some smaller local emerging church projects. The Methodist connexion plans to fund each of these 20 projects completely for their first 5 years and partly for the 5 years after that. Hoping that those projects which suceed will become self sufficient after the first 10 years and that the first wave of pioneer ministers and these new projects will provide good training rescources and placement opportunities for future generations.
There is a great emphasis on training and support - something other pioneers I know have sometimes felt to be lacking, as they have struggled with new things, especially when others around just wanted them to "get a proper church".
If this turns out to be anywhere near as exciting as it sounds - I want to be part of it - so fully inspired I'm off to concentrate on the paperwork.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Declaration of Candidature

Today I had a meeting with my Superintendant to start the paperwork that needs to be in from the circuit. 
There seems to be endless paperwork, but today I feel like a start has been made. I have officially registered my intent to candidate. 
There is a long way to go, this is really the very beginning of a long path ahead, but every journey starts with a single step and today I took that step!!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The First Question

Well actually it's not the first question, but it is the first answer that I've managed.
Q3 Reflect upon a significant experience or insight(not already mentioned) that has occured during your Foundation Training and explain how it affected your sense of call to the Order of Ministry for which you are a candidate (150 words approx)
I spent 30 hrs with Martin Batstone, at Lewes Prison, observing life as a prison chaplain. My time there finished at the Sunday services. At the main service a 23yr old former heroin addict, who had come to Christ on the Prison Alpha course, was baptised kneeling in a childs paddling pool.
This took place in front of 75 inmates, officers and supporters in a chapel designed to hold 50. He had invited every man on his wing to witness this event, with no fear of the ridicule he may suffer. Such was this young man's enthusiasm for his new found "freedom".
His witness hit me hard - would I have invited so many non-christian friends to my special event, have I lost the initial enthusiasm I felt when I became a Christian - the look on that young mans face said it all and I was not the only person with tears in their eyes.
To share in that event was a special moment - to have been able to baptise him would have been perfect.


I sat down to start to tackle the vast amount of paperwork associated with candidating. I have to admit that I got no further than the basic form - simple who are you and what have you done up till now and the health form.
There are several questions that have to be answered but as the shortest answered required is 150 words I think these will take some time.
I am meeting with my Superintendent on October the first, to discuss the whole process and so he can start the ball rolling for the report that the Circuit leadership team have to write
I have my first assessed service on October 5th, all Age Worship at the Broadway Eastbourne - it seems strange for someone to be checking my worship leading skills again.
My thanks to all of you who read this as part of your prayer support for this part of my life.
I also want to welcome Matthew Montgomery my new nephew born 6:23 am 17th September 8lb 1oz. Congratulations Simon, Siobhan and big brother Charlie x

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

FROG and the Area Meeting

Today I have to address the United area meeting and formally begin the process of candidating. Unfortunately my superintendent is unable to be there as his wife is very poorly, and this has done nothing to help my nerves.It has however made me realise that the only safety net I have is to "Faithfully Rely On God" for my support. On the plus side though David Dunn Wilson (my local preachers tutor) and Trisha Williams have agreed to be my nominators in Chris' abscence.Lots of my friends and family say that they have noticed a big change in me since I began this journey, and it is that change that I have to show the meeting tonight. It is just over two years since I stood at the same meeting and asked them to consider sending me for training, and tonight I have to prove that their faith was justified and that I have made the most of the opportunity they gave me. 
Well - thanks guys for all the prayer support that I know has been going on while I was out, tonight the Area Meeting voted unanimously in my favour so the first hurdle is over - on to the extensive paperwork will explain each one in more detail as I get to it.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Goodbye to the Summer

Well September is here and the holidays are nearly over each of the children starts the next part of their education either this week or next. Joe will go back in year 5, Kate starts her first year at Secondary school, Hana enters her last and Ashleigh starts her Childcare and Education diploma. Next Tuesday I also go back to college but as I start the formal candidating process I somehow think that college may be the least of my worries.
Two people have advised me to take it one step at a time and so I am going to try really hard to do just that and not get too het up, but really try and enjoy the whole process.
So on Monday the 9th I have to speak at the Area meeting asking them to formally recommend me for candidating and then things will really have begun. The summer is indeed over and the hard work is about to begin but in 8 months time it will all be over and I will know one way or another

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Love this, everyone should share it!

From a strictly mathematical viewpoint: 
What Equals 100%? 
What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? 
Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%?  

We have all been in situations where someone wants you to 
GIVE OVER 100%. 
How about ACHIEVING 101%? 
What equals 100% in life? 

Here's a little mathematical formula
 that might help answer these questions

If the letters of the alphabet

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 

are represented by numbers as: 
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26. 

H-A-R-D-W-O- R- K 
8+1+18+4+23+ 15+18+11 = 


K-N-O-W-L-E- D- G-E 

11+14+15+23+ 12+5+4+7+ 5 = 


A-T-T-I-T-U- D-E 

1+20+20+9+20+ 21+4+5 = 

THEN, look how far the love of God will take you: 

L-O-V-E-O-F- G-O-D 

12+15+22+5+15+ 6+7+15+4 = 101% 

 Therefore, one can conclude with mathematical certainty that: 

While Hard Work and Knowledge will get you close,

and Attitude will get you there,

It's the Love of God that will put you over the top! 



Saturday, 16 August 2008

Rough Times

It's been a strange mix of emotions this holiday, it's been quite nice with no university work to do and after about three weeks I really did feel like I was on holiday. Then a friends 10 year old daughter had a stroke and turned everyone's worrld upside down for a while - glad to report she is much better. Two deaths in two weeks, amongst people who although they are on the outskirts of my life and not very close I will miss them both tremendously for very different reasons. 5 days away with my husband and no children which was very nice and I am looking forward to a week away at Butlins with everyone. 
September brings so much with it and is now getting very close - will write again then.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Another week

I thought that I would have time during the holidays to write more frequently than I will once college starts again, but I don't seem to have much to spare. This is however a good thing, I have been able to spend some time with my children, including a day at Fort Fun with just the little two,and a very pleasant weekend away in London with my husband - It was a very Methodist weekend, on Saturday we went to Wesley's chapel and museum, Sunday to worship at Central Hall and Sunday lunch with good Methodist friends Adam and Andrew.(will miss Adam when he goes to Cambridege, but there was no need for Keith to tell him!) Also in the past week I have painted an eight foot wooden man to look like a Pirate ready for the holiday club at our church - run with St Luke's ( to which I now have a key!) will post a photo sometime - I have a pirate galleon to do this week (I think it's pennance for going on holiday during the week of the Holiday club!!) I have a service to produce for this weekend and the Lectionary reading is The Feeding Of the Five Thousand so off to get my thinking cap on.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Goodbyes and Hello

It's been a busy weekend. On Saturday my lot, hubby and all four kids, came to the family day, at the Guy Chester Centre, in Muswell Hill, which is where I go once a month for the Methodist part of my training. 
It was a day of catching up with friends and then saying goodbye to those moving on, goodbye to Mark Wakelin who is going to greater things,to Karen and Karen who are starting at Queens college Birmingham in September, and if Adam hadn't been on holiday we would have said goodbye to him too. It will be a very different dynamic in September watch this space.
So Saturday was full of goodbyes and on Sunday we met up with the whole family Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Cousins etc., for a BBQ to celebrate as my Cousin Chloe turned 18 and said hello to adulthood.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

New Beginings

Today I decided to start my blog - It's something that I have had on my to do list for a long time, but other things have got in the way.
In April 2006 I started training as a Methodist Local Preacher, in January 2007, foundation training, which is a Methodist discernment process, September 2007 formal theological training, which was a battle in itself.
I am dyslexic and formal education held lots of memories, none of which were good, so much of my first year was blur of just trying to keep afloat.
Now I seem to be coping ok with that side of things, I thought I would set myself a new goal and try and journal my journey through the next year and the formal process of candidating as well as keeping up in college.
In the Methodist Church, Candidating is the shorthand term for offering for the ordained ministry. It is the process by which I and the church test my call.
This will begin in my circuit, before going to the district and then to a selection committee that represents the Connexional Church.
My first stage is to talk about my call at the Area Meeting in September, and ask them to send me forward. before that I have one more placement to finish, reflect upon and write a report on. Simple, however tomorrow my children break up from school so there is less time for things other than them.