Sunday, 23 November 2008

A quick catch up.

Seems ages since I last had time to write on here, since I've been at the sanctuary I have been busy, I did keep up the writing on the train though and the only reason the next two parts of the candidating answers are not posted yet(5 down, 4 to go - over the halfway stage) is because they form two thirds of a whole question and I think it will be easier to understand if they are read together. At the moment I am struggling to say what I want for the last part in only 150 words!!!
I spoke at Sanctuary on Thursday - read the cycling with God story which seemed to go down well-  which bodes well with what I am planning for Space on the 18th of December as my assessed service for the SEITE assignment. 
Have final candidating assessed service tomorrow evening in Eastbourne which will be a big weight lifted, and I will be able to concentrate really hard on the birthday celebrations!! The weekend away was good, but tough going and emotional at times we had a lesson on domestic abuse which was a bit close to home! There were of course too many discussions about candidating - you would think we have no other life! and it has left me awake at two in the morning with the dreadful feeling-  what if they say no? Or worse still what if they say yes!?!

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