Monday, 3 November 2008

Train Journeys

The last few weeks have seen me make far more train journeys than usual. Today for instance I was out of the house for 6 1/2 hours for a ninety minute meeting in London. Five hours of that then is travelling and four is spent sitting on a train. I have made a grand decision to make better use of my travelling times, today being the first day for this new resolution. So on the way up to London I answered another candidating question (and one of the big ones at that!) two down seven to go, and on the way home I tackled the first three chapters of Pete Ward's "Mass Culture" which is reading for the next module. I was quite astounded at how much I got done. However it is a bit like celebrating on the first of January that I have kept my New Years Resolutions, so lets see how it goes. Another journey beckons Thursday.

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