Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Probably for as long as I have been saying I would write a blog I have been interested in the art of Faithbooking. As last year I finally got the blog going and although it is still a bit erratic I am still keeping it up I decided it was time to start something new. I like to take something up rather than give something up for Lent and I realise I am a bit early but the Retreat weekend seemed the perfect opportunity.
"So what is Faithbooking?" I hear you ask,
There are different definitions of what faithbooking means,this is my personal favourite, it is simply incorporating your faith throughout a scrapbook. It is:
A means to express our faith.
A journey of faith.
The ability to capture life's lessons that God teaches us.
An eternal legacy for our children.
A witnessing tool.
An incredible, permanent reminder of our God Moment and His hand in our lives.
It is a collection of Scripture, thoughts, prayers, blessings, memories, letters, and stories combined with photographs to always remember our personal and spiritual journey with the Lord.
It seemed like a good enough reason to try it, and a way of adding some more creative processes into my quiet time each day.
So I started last weekend whilst on Retreat and am currently 15 pages in. I decided to use quite a small book so I didn't overwhelm myself and each page takes about half an hour so two in my morning quiet time fits nicely. It has been a good way for me to concentrate on a single verse of Scripture or a hymn and really see what God wants to say to me on that day.
And as a bonus I'm left with a beautiful reminder of my journey.

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