Friday, 6 March 2009

This week

Well it's now down to the final week before the district interview next Friday. I am completely surprised about how calm I feel.
However I think one of the reasons for the seeming composure may be the service at Haywards Heath on Sunday which is taking all my nervous energy - I've been asked to speak about Pioneer Ministry as it's 'Mission in Britain' Sunday, so no real problems there just normal preaching angst.
Maybe on Monday, when that's over, some nerves will set it- but on the whole there is very little I can do other than be myself on Friday, and trust that God has the whole thing in hand.
I have kept up the faithbooking. I've been trying to do something everyday during Lent but have been increasingly surprised at how tiring it is, even for someone like me who finds it really easy to think in pictures.
I think after Easter my aim will be to get a larger album poss A4 and try for one page a week - because I think it's important for me to try and set attainable goals for myself, that way I won't give myself too hard a time if it doesn't go according to plan.
Also during Lent this year I decided to try and stop running around like a headless chicken and concentrate on doing fewer things, and doing them better - more being, less doing. This seems to be going ok - I am definately aware that life is going one pace slower than usual (however to anyone watching it may not seem that way !!)

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