Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Six days

The two outfits for the interview are complete - I haven't done that much shopping for me since I was a teenager it was quite fun really. So day one black trousers, with black top, black shoes and Mum's cream black and red scarf and my black wedding anniversary cross. Day two blue trousers, cream shoes, blue top, cream and blue scarf and silver birthday cross. I'm not sure what it says about me, if anything, or whether it's just because smart isn't really my thing but I feel much better now that's settled, not worried about the presentation not quite being finished - which you would think would be slightly more important!! I think the lunch with James helped to sort a few things out, he's such a calming influence, and the chat with Rob helped too (got proper Anglican cathedral prayers lined up for Monday and Tuesday!! Ha Ha :-) ) Service for Sunday first job of tomorrow, then the finishing up of "the" presentation.

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Rob said...

deep down you know Anglican prayers are the best!