Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Doing Less

One of the things I enjoy most about my blog is that I can go back and read how I was feeling about certain points in my training, which is really useful when writing reflective practice reports and nice for me to see just how much I have moved on. 
This morning I looked at the stuff from the last summer holidays, and read with exhaustion the list of things I had done/was planning to do. I have been officially broken up for 6 weeks now and although I have managed to catch up with some great friends for coffee/lunch, have joined in with the children' s usual end of term stuff (including "The Prom"), caught up with a few overdue haircuts for people and cooked for the Church anniversary I feel very rested and not pressured (unlike term time!)
I have changed a lot during Foundation Training and I have definitely started to really appreciate time for not doing, but just being. This holiday I haven't arranged loads of things to do - although I spent a lovely day out with my Son yesterday (just the two of us, doesn't happen much when you are the youngest of four!). I am only on the Plan once in August (usually I offer more if I am on holiday from college).
The children are off camping next week and are going to spend some time with my Mum later in the holiday, and we are all going away together camping at the end of August. I'm sure there will be stuff planned in, but within those plans there will be quiet as well as busy.

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