Sunday, 26 July 2009

"THE shirt"

This was the weekend of our Circuit(sorry United Area) farewells - yesterday saw the departure of my Superintendent minister (the poor man with pastoral charge of me!!) I will miss Him, his wife and their combined wisdom a great deal, although I'm sure it won't be too long before I see them it will be on very different terms than it has been over the last three years as he has helped me in my journey -  from the day in April 2006 when he interviewed me to see if I should be allowed a note to preach, though the ups and downs of Faith and Worship and recently holding my hand throughout the candidating process. Chris has been a source of great support, someone to share good times with, often a shoulder to cry on and I will miss him lots.
Today was time to say goodbye to Sheila as she moves to a time of semi-retirement (I am sure I will still see her as she is on the committee at SEITE, and continues as Assistant District Chair). 
Today's formal goodbye service was also the first public appearance of  "THE shirt" which I am sure will feel less weird as time goes on. I thought I would post a picture for those who missed it!!

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