Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas is over and candidating is upon us!!

I had such a wonderful Christmas with my family. Loads of laughs - during the games "It's a name, can be used for a boy or girl, four letters. Starts with A."  Answer - Adam.  This led to so many spin off jokes about my cousins first born girl being forever known as Adam. the fun will stay with me for a long time as will the look on my young cousins face when he realised how much mileage he will get when the first of my children produces offspring and he can call me Grandma.
So with the fun behind me, now work begins again. I was reminded of this yesterday, with an email from the District Secretary saying that the District interviews are on March the 13th.
There are two 2,000 word pieces of work due in on the 13th of January so that will keep me occupied for the next few days!! Then I have a meeting with my Superintendent minister to make sure we have the right number of copies of each part of the candidating paperwork going to the right places. Then I just have to sit and wait for the date of the Psychiatrist's appointment. Still, one little light at the end of the tunne, there are only five months till the 7th of May and then it will all be over and I will know the results.

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