Thursday, 1 January 2009


Happy New Year!
2009 is upon us, I hope it brings peace and hapiness to everyone.

It is of course for me the year of candidating. Many of you have asked for a timetable of what's going on so you can keep me in your prayers. Here it is as I know it so far. I will add in more specific dates when I know them
  • 15th January paperwork due in
  • sometime before 20th March psychological assessment
  • 13th March District Panel (first big interview)
  • Two days during the week of 27th April - 1st May Connexional Committee (This is it)
  • 7th May Results day
A very special friend, who knows exactly what candidating feels like, said " It may feel like you are climbing a mountain, but just keep imagining the view from the top"

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