Thursday, 1 January 2009

Black Clouds

I have to admit that I have spent quite a lot of time in the last month or two sitting under a big, black cloud.
There are many reasons I could give for my gloom - too much to do (candidating, college work, Christmas etc)- being away when my housegroup meets( it's the place I put down my weekly woes!!) - not fitting in time for coffee with friends (baby glooms, if not chatted through, can quickly turn to big black clouds) - Candidating( I know I already mentioned it but it deserves a category of it's own!) not just the ammount of extra work it's bought but the emotional pressure it brings. What happens if they say no?? Worse still what happens if they say yes??? It will be a great relief when May the 7th comes and at least I know one way or the other.
Having said all of that, there is I think a little piece of each of us that sits under black clouds because they are a nice place to wallow for a while. It is very easy to get into the habit of only noticing the bad things that are going on in life, the difficult and stressful bits. So.......... I'm going to make an effort to at least come out for a walk in the sunshine everyday, even if I go back under the cloud afterwards. So at least one positive thought, something to praise God for, every day. That shouldn't be too hard should it? And who knows maybe there will be a break in the clouds and some sunshine back.

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