Thursday, 15 January 2009

If God Hasn't Told You.......

And this from "Lessons from a Cuckoo" by Hilary Malpass

How often we wish that we knew,
Just what it is that lies ahead,
We'd like the future all mapped out,
But we walk in the dark instead.

We think that if only we knew,
Then we would be more prepared,
We'd be able to cope much better,
And be less worried or scared.

But an all wise God decided,
That all we needed to know,
Was just the next step along the way,
Of the path He wants us to go!

So all God's children have to learn,
To walk by faith and not by sight,
To trust in the Lord's direction, and
In the dark, to follow the light.

For as Lord, HE is in control,
But fear and pride won't let us rest,
We must learn to leave things in His hands,
For he really does know what's best!

So, quit fearing for the future,
About what to do, where to go,
Remember - if God hasn't told you yet,
Then you obviously don't need to know!

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