Sunday, 6 September 2009

Back to school

Well my twelve week summer break is finally over and this week sees me back to college for the next exciting step of my journey, back to SEITE but this time as a Student Minister and so no candidating lurking in the shadows.
I feel rested and refreshed I have spent lots of very special time with my husband and children, caught up with friends old and new, had plenty of time for the hospital visiting that was needed and generally didn't do much at all - lots of being and not too much doing.
I have looked at my diary for this month and it has that familiar busyness of term time about it already but I have taken a tip from my Aunt and put in some appointments with myself, to just sit and ponder or do whatever I feel will give me a break from the business of life.
On top of college and the new placements that I am really looking forward to, next Saturday sees my first ever District Synod about which I have very mixed feelings mostly because it all feels very real if I have to go to Synod - all a bit too grown up!!
I will write more as term hots up - catch up soon.

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