Saturday, 19 September 2009

Painting and Pastoral care

I've quite enjoyed the start of term, BS3 suddenly made sense (lets hope that carries on!!) and Synod was quite good fun (it was nice catching up with people, even those I had faced at District Candidates last year!)
Over the last two days, I have painted a room for two young girls who really deserved a treat in their lives and it got me thinking about the possibilities of painting as part of pastoral visiting. There must be lots of people who for different reasons are less able to decorate rooms in their houses - because of illness, finances, time, age etc. And there are many people around with time and skills who maybe able to help - I think it's worth thinking about more for the future.
Transforming things in peoples' lives, might just be a practical way of demonstrating to them Christ's transforming love in a very practical way.

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