Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I sat down to start to tackle the vast amount of paperwork associated with candidating. I have to admit that I got no further than the basic form - simple who are you and what have you done up till now and the health form.
There are several questions that have to be answered but as the shortest answered required is 150 words I think these will take some time.
I am meeting with my Superintendent on October the first, to discuss the whole process and so he can start the ball rolling for the report that the Circuit leadership team have to write
I have my first assessed service on October 5th, all Age Worship at the Broadway Eastbourne - it seems strange for someone to be checking my worship leading skills again.
My thanks to all of you who read this as part of your prayer support for this part of my life.
I also want to welcome Matthew Montgomery my new nephew born 6:23 am 17th September 8lb 1oz. Congratulations Simon, Siobhan and big brother Charlie x

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Rob said...

get on with that form
jump through the hoopscontinue to trust God
the church needs people like you!