Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The First Question

Well actually it's not the first question, but it is the first answer that I've managed.
Q3 Reflect upon a significant experience or insight(not already mentioned) that has occured during your Foundation Training and explain how it affected your sense of call to the Order of Ministry for which you are a candidate (150 words approx)
I spent 30 hrs with Martin Batstone, at Lewes Prison, observing life as a prison chaplain. My time there finished at the Sunday services. At the main service a 23yr old former heroin addict, who had come to Christ on the Prison Alpha course, was baptised kneeling in a childs paddling pool.
This took place in front of 75 inmates, officers and supporters in a chapel designed to hold 50. He had invited every man on his wing to witness this event, with no fear of the ridicule he may suffer. Such was this young man's enthusiasm for his new found "freedom".
His witness hit me hard - would I have invited so many non-christian friends to my special event, have I lost the initial enthusiasm I felt when I became a Christian - the look on that young mans face said it all and I was not the only person with tears in their eyes.
To share in that event was a special moment - to have been able to baptise him would have been perfect.

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