Tuesday, 9 September 2008

FROG and the Area Meeting

Today I have to address the United area meeting and formally begin the process of candidating. Unfortunately my superintendent is unable to be there as his wife is very poorly, and this has done nothing to help my nerves.It has however made me realise that the only safety net I have is to "Faithfully Rely On God" for my support. On the plus side though David Dunn Wilson (my local preachers tutor) and Trisha Williams have agreed to be my nominators in Chris' abscence.Lots of my friends and family say that they have noticed a big change in me since I began this journey, and it is that change that I have to show the meeting tonight. It is just over two years since I stood at the same meeting and asked them to consider sending me for training, and tonight I have to prove that their faith was justified and that I have made the most of the opportunity they gave me. 
Well - thanks guys for all the prayer support that I know has been going on while I was out, tonight the Area Meeting voted unanimously in my favour so the first hurdle is over - on to the extensive paperwork will explain each one in more detail as I get to it.

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