Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Painting in silence

For two days  I have been painting my Aunts new bedsit in Eastbourne. It was a 
great way for me to be still and spend some quality time with God
 -My Mum has had the children, so I had no worries on that score, I had no radio, ipod or other noise distraction with me and nothing else to do except paint. It was a good time, I talked a lot of things over, just me and God - the uncertainty of my future, what needed to be done next, the beginings of the answers to the candidating questions. I don't think that for any of these things I am any nearer knowing the answers but I am definately happier, being real with God is good for the soul. taking time out from the everyday stuff we fill our lives with is a very refreshing process, so although I am tired from the painting I am somehow full of energy for what is to come.

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