Tuesday, 19 January 2010

London Again

Today I went for a second MRI scan on my broken bionic knee, as the one taken in Eastbourne was not in the right direction!! So I travelled to Stanmore to have it done the other way!! I left home at 11.30 and got back at 9 all for a 40 minute scan. The RNOH was just as spooky as I remember it being when I was there for my operation although it did seem to have endless work going on. When I got there I was told they were running half an hour late and did I want to go and get a coffee - I found a really old fashioned "cafe" just like the WRVS ones used to be before they were themed up. The elderly volunteer made me a black coffee "be careful dear it's hot!!" and a strange cheese and ham toasted sandwich in a strange bag!!
Knee pictures are safely done though and now I have to wait to see the big guy next month to see the results.(that's him in the picture!) Back to London tomorrow!!

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