Sunday, 3 January 2010


Several people sent me money for Christmas some rather unexpected and I decided to treat myself and the children by buying a Wii. It is incredibly good fun and has given us another thing to do together. I really am very blessed to have such a lovely bunch of children, they all join in and have fun whatever we are doing and it has been nice to be able to treat them a bit - they have all sacrificed a lot during my training both in time and in material things. The Christmas holidays have been real fun - I love having my children around and enjoy catching up a bit with my wider family. This year I may see a bit more of them my cousin will be 40 and Ashleigh is going to be 18 and I think they are both planning parties then in October my Mum will be 60 and I think she might be persuaded to have one too!!
Tomorrow the business of life returns - the children go back to School/college and I return to studying. Three of the windows in our house are being replaced(so today I had to take some of the bathroom tiles off) and some last minute things need doing before Joe's birthday on Tuesday - like making a cake!! - and wrapping the presents!!
I took the Christmas tree down today but Joe would like the lights left up for his birthday, so they are still up - it was nice to get a bit of clearing up done though there is plenty more to go hopefully in between essay writing some of it may get done this week as my diary is quite busy for January already!!(no surprise there then!)
I have a new book for my Bible reading it's called "Purr-ables from Heaven" and is devotions for cat lovers - today's reading looked at curling up on God's lap when things get tough and taking time to rest - so that's what I'm going to do - night all x

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Rob said...

I did the same last year with money given me at my ordination ... I think people may have expected me to buy commentaries and robes (yeh rite!!) so I used it to but a wii for the family ... and we have great times!
well done - you have hour of fun ahead of you!

oh yeah .... happy new year my anglo catholic friend!