Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow and stuff

It's been a strange week because it's been completely disrupted by the snow, the children have all been off school and college again on what has just felt like an extension of the Christmas holidays. Monday and Tuesday they went back and they have been home ever since. It wasn't a great help with the essay writing, but it is all done now and safely posted, whether it gets there or not is a different matter we've had no post for three days so far!
Tracey and I are doing the worship next Tuesday at SEITE and that has all had to be done by email, we were supposed to have a meeting Thursday to do it. The reunion of our Methodist training group has been cancelled, as was homegroup, coffee morning and my study lesson (essay was checked by email) so apart from sitting here writing I haven't done anything, I haven't been anywhere (except a brief trip to Morrisons today with Keith)and apart from Keith and the children I haven't seen anyone.
I have a reflection on people's behaviour at Christmas, and a service to write this week as well as a weekend in London for the Methodist Cohort. Hopefully either the weather will improve or we will learn to just carry on despite it - the holidays were nice but term time is nice too for very different reasons - some normality back would be good.

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